March 14, 2008

Broken Bridger

We had an unexpected visit to the ER last Saturday night. Bridger ,who loves to work with his daddy, was helping to hang some dry wall at around 9 at night. A sheet of dry wall fell on him and he must of twisted his leg as he fell under it because he ended up with a spiral femur fracture. We spent two nights in the hopital and he came home with a spika cast. He is a trooper, and handled the whole thing very well. He knows the cast is his friend--it keeps his leg from hurting. He 'll probably get the cast cut down to one leg and a waist in about a week and I presume he'll have that on for another 5-6 weeks. Bridger now spends a lot of time on the couch playing with toys and looking at books. Fortunately, his siblings keep him entertained, and every night he asks if he can go upstairs to watch his daddy work.

Fun in the Backyard

Jeremiah gets the royal treatment as he is led around the backyard.