February 24, 2008

California Trip 2008

In mid January we Grables hopped into our family wagon and headed out for sunny Southern California. This was the beginning of a month long getaway for Juanita and the kids and the first of three round trips for Jon to California during that same time. We all had a good time visiting with family and seeing old friends. Most precious to us was the time we spent strengthening the relationships we have with our own parents and siblings. The majority of this one month adventure was actually spent without Jon as he was back in the cold of St. Louis being a responsible employee. The good news is that he came out to CA for business during the second week and we had the chance to be all together at the beginning and end of his six day trip. Once back in St.Louis, Jon spent all his spare time working on the house. This was a great opportunity to make a mess without having to worry about baby Grables living in a construction zone (ha ha ha, if you only knew). In California, Juanita and the children spent quality and quantity time with both her parents and Jon's parents as well as a brief visit to see our friends up North by San Luis Obispo though this trip was cut short when all our children got a bad cold. Jon flew back out to California for the fifth week and was glad to be able to spend time with family, most notably Juanita and our children. A special providence from God was the birth of our first nephew on Juanita's side, Able Justice Vis, born to Juanita's youngest brother Rob and his wife Leah on January 18. Another blessing was how Juanita's other brother Steve and wife Julie (who live in Iowa) scheduled their own trip to CA at the same time so we could all be together. Other highlights include time spent with Jons Grandpa Al (96 yrs old), going to the beach, wearing flip flops in January, attending our nephew Griffin's 3rd birthday party, and visiting the neighbor children from our first apartment who have become young adults. We are now back in St. Louis getting back into the groove of our life here.

Girls and coffee with Grandma Grable
Kids and Great Grandpa Al

Girls making cookies with Aunt Carol
Grandma Vis's Birthday
Fun in the sand at the Beach