December 4, 2007

Grables in Missouri

Just in case anyone reading this didn't already know, yes, we moved to Missouri. The following are some of the details.

Back in November of 2006 we packed all of our earthly possessions into our newly aquired 1973 U-Haul truck and started out on our journey to Missouri. Of course we didn’t get out of our little town of San Miguel before we had to make our first repairs (headlights and brake lights not working). Providentially, two friends stopped to help when they saw us on the side of the road and within two hours we were back on our way. We had to repair a few other items across the course of our three and a half day journey but thankfully nothing major.

Once in St. Louis we moved in with our friend David (whom we knew through mutual friends) who was living by himself in his big 100+ year old home in St. Louis city. Life in the big city was a lot different from the small town life we knew it back in San Miguel. The city is packed in tight with lots of things to see and people everywhere. We found that it can be both a fun place and a scary place.

During the winter the city looks like a wonderland all covered in a blanket of fresh snow. We took it all in as we strolled down the street and through the city park pausing for our children to take turns sliding down a snowy hill on an old cardboard box. We also enjoyed our casual trips to the Arch and the Westward Expansion Museum (under the Arch), meandering around the exhibits while our children imagined what life would have been like as a pioneer or as an explorer like Lewis and Clark.

Not so happy memories in the city include the hit-and-run accident in a bad part of town that left our driver-side door smashed in on our Suburban. Another unhappy memory was the sound of gun fire from a homicide two blocks down the street in an attempted car theft.

We enjoyed the experience of city life but we definitely aren’t interested in making our home there permanently. Jon accepted a job last summer as an "Application Engineer" in the suburbs outside of St. Louis. We ended up buying a house less than two miles from his work and moved in August. We are glad to be in our own place with a little more space and a little less excitement. Be sure to check out our post about our new Fixer Upper Home to find out what happens next.

Loading up for an adventure
David's House in the City