December 17, 2007


Winter has arrived. The snow started falling on Friday afternoon and didn't stop until sometime Saturday night. On Saturday we attempted some homespun snow sledding using a cardboard box on the small slope in our backyard. This proved to be a futile endeavor however we all had fun romping around the yard in the fresh powdery snow. Latter that night we were surprised when after the sun went down yet a warm glow continued to illuminate the sky. This amazing luminescence continued throughout the night and we figure was the result of the lights from the city getting trapped between the snowy sky above and the snow already on the ground. Whatever the explanation, the resulting glow that filled the sky outside our window was wonderful and truly captivating. On Sunday, after a blessed time of worshiping God and fellowshipping with friends, we set up an impromptu plan for another attempt at sledding. We me our friends the Fords at a local sledding hot spot and experienced sledding in the good old fashioned way. Mr. Ford brought his sled and Mrs. Ford brought hot cocoa for all and we all had a fun filled time frolicking in the snow.

Backyard Fun
Grable Kids in Snow
Real Sledding
Hot Cocoa
Grables in the snow