January 1, 2008

Christmas Fun

Christmas morning was a fun surprise for all in the Grable home. Most of us were leisurely sleeping in after a late night out visiting with friends on Christmas Eve. The master of our house(ie. Jon) awoke before us all to carry out his secret plan. He had been hiding packages that had come from our family in California. As the last of us were rolling out of bed there was some excitement when Ethan was found walking around with a present in his hand. "Where did you get that?" was the cry. Everyone followed him downstairs to find a huge mound of gifts that had been piled up on the floor. Oh what fun! Thanks to all of you who blessed us in this way this year. We would also like to say thank you to the mystery gift giver who's package anonymously appeared on our doorstep on christmas morning. We were lighted by all the things you gave, thank you so much. :)
Shoes for all the Children

Bridger loves tools!

Hats for all the children

After the packages were opened we had our favorite breakfast---baked pancakes. We then spent some time worshiping the Creator--- reading the Bible, singing, praying and talking about the way in which God has brought us salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. A very relaxing afternoon followed as we cleaned up and worked on our house a little bit. In the late afternoon we went outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. Jon made a bonfire and I had fun cutting a vine out of one of the trees on the side of our house. I'm hoping to have a garden in the spring and that vine is not my friend. The children played frontier-- walking through the trees shooting the bears and lions that were in their way.