March 23, 2008

Rolling with the punches

Bridger on the go on his three wheeled cart.
An important lesson we learn from children is the value of resiliency in heart and spirit. Bridger isn't waiting around for everything to get back to normal. A new normal is here and Bridger is moving forward dispite the obsticles. Bridgers spirit exemplifies what we tell our children, "Grable...a little git of GRrrr and a whole lot of ABLE."

We were all thrilled when we learned that Grandma Vis (Juanita's mom) was coming to visit us and help us out. She arrived last Wednesday and will be staying until next Friday. Here the girls enjoy a ladies tea together on Saturday morning.

Our Saturday was spent working out in the yard, triming trees and preparing the soil for our spring garden. At the end of the day we roasted hot dogs and marshmellows over the fire.
Here in St. Louis they have a saying, "If you don't like the weather just wait ten minutes." It is funny how much truth there is to that statement at times. Here we are, Easter Sunday afternoon, and just a little bit ago it was clear and sunny outside and the girls were riding their bikes in the yard. Minutes latter the sky was all gray and snow was falling like crazy. Now the sun is starting to peak back through and the snow is all starting to melt away.
Well, the time has come for me to start getting myself ready for some early birthday festivities this evening as we celebrate our April birthdays while Mom Vis is here.
P.S. Baby Grable #6 is on his/her way:D